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Search Engine Optimisation Tools, (SEO Tools)


Having designed and published a website, most people will find that they are not getting much traffic. It is not just enough to get a flashy website. The site needs to be made search engines friendly. This is done by optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation could broadly be divided into into two parts:-

      1. Search Engine Optimisation, internal:

      2. This concerns largely meta tags, title tag, H1 ... H6 tags and keywords density

      3. Search Engine Optimisation, external:-

      4. This is mostly links building. The more high page rank sites link to you the better.

For those who having enough time and would like to learn and optimise their site we are providing some tool. A new tool would be added regularly. Click selected selected Search Engine Optimisation tool below:-

      1. Pages Indexed by Major Search Engines
      2. Keywords Suggestion
      3. Find Link Partners with Submit Form