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Google Sand Box Effect

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Before we get too far into an explanation as to what Google's sandbox is, it must be noted that not everyone even agrees that the sandbox exists. The sandbox is actually nothing more than a theory developed to explain what many different SEO experts have witnessed with their listings. Whether or not the sandbox really exists is actually irrelevant when we know that the effects of the sandbox exist.
David Wallace at says:-
  • There has been a theory floating around that Google is now imposing some kind of penalty on brand new web sites or sites that seem to acquire a large amount of links from other sites in a relatively short period of time. It is being discussed on all the search engine marketing forums. Many articles have been written about it. Even several live examples have been presented by frustrated web site owners and managers who can't seem to understand why their sites will not rank well in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • The so-called "sandbox" theory suggests that new sites will be added to the Google index and may even show up for obscure searches such as the company/web site name but will not show well for other phrases that are relevant to the site. It doesn't matter if the site is optimized for the search engines either. In fact, those who have optimized their sites can drive themselves crazy making change after change but to no positive avail.
  • This theory also suggests that established sites who all of a sudden obtain hundreds or even thousands of links from other sites can be sent to the Google sandbox. Obtaining links in these type of quantities is typically the result of either participating in some sort of link trading scheme or buying multitudes of text links on other sites for the sole purpose of obtaining some of the PageRank value they might pass. This type of scenario goes against the natural process of people linking their web site to another site because they see it as a valuable resource or a favorite site to visit.
  • So if a site is sent to the sandbox by Google either because it is new or it is participating in mass link building, what is the time frame that must pass before the site is allowed out of the box? Most search engine marketers that have been discussing and analyzing this say about 6-8 months. As for myself, I don't actually believe that Google is sending new sites to a "sandbox" but rather they may be applying some sort of aging filter.
  • Google's sandbox is a relatively new filter that appeared to be put in place back in March of 2004. This happened after the widely publicized updates of Austin and Florida, and the implementation of what is known as the Austin update. If you are not sure what those are, there is no need to worry as those updates are now for the most part in the past. The sandbox filter seems to affect nearly all new websites placing them on an initial "probation" status. The effect of this is that new websites may get into Google's SERP's (search engine results pages) relatively quickly and may even perform well for a couple of weeks. When the filter is applied to the new website it is referred to as being put in the "sandbox". The new website will still show in the result pages, but it will not rank well regardless of how much original, well optimized content and regardless of how many quality inbound links the site may have. The filter restrains new websites from having immediate success in the search engine result pages.

    If you wish to see the complete details of the above para, please Click Google Sand Box for details.

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