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Google Facts by Matt Cutts

PageRank is not a number between 1 and 10.

"It's more accurate to think of it as a floating-point number. Certainly our internal PageRank computations have many more degrees of resolution than the 0-10 values shown in the toolbar."

The PageRank number that is displayed in the toolbar does not influence the search results.

"At any given time, a url in Googleís system has up-to-date PageRank as a result of running the computation with the inputs to the algorithm. From time-to-time, that internal PageRank value is exported so that itís visible to Google Toolbar users. [...] By the time you see newer PageRanks in the toolbar, those values have already been incorporated in how we score/rank our search results. So while you may be happy to see that the Google Toolbar shows a little more PageRank for a given page, itís not as if that causes a change in search results at that point."

You don't have to care about the PageRank number.

"I think thatís a perfectly healthy attitude. If you donít care about PageRank and your site is doing well, thatís fine by me. :)" The PageRank number displayed in Google's toolbar is already outdated on the day it is published. It's not important that Google's toolbar displays a green line for your web site URL. It is important that you get visitors and that these visitors purchase something on your site.

What is the date of the backlinks update on Google?

"If you're splitting hairs about the exact date that backlinks were taken from, youíre probably suffering from B.O. (backlink obsession) and should stop and go do something else for a bit until the backlink obsession passes. I highly recommend keyword analysis, looking at server logs to figure out new content to add, thinking of new hooks to make your site attract more word-of-mouth buzz, pondering how to improve conversion once visitors land on your site, etc."

Google Fact by Matt Cutts
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