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Guaranteed Link Exchange Software
To obtain high PageRank and high Search Engine ResultsPosition it is important to do the following:-
  1. Web site pages optimisation, called Internal Optimisation
  2. Quality Link Building, called External Optimisation. This involves links building for which you get guidance here
External Optimisation. This involves locating possible link partners, deciding which sites to approach for link exchange, submitting link exchange requests to selected web sites, and then wait for either acceptance or rejection of the link request. This is a time consuming and laborious process, specially the first part, viz finding prospective link exchange partner sites.

However, there are quite a few softwares to make the task of finding link partners easier. Described below are the not so desirable and the most desirable ones.

Not Recommended

PRProwler. We recommend don't touch this software even with a long pole. It is, in our judgement utterly useless, not worth even $5. The designer/promoter of this software, Shawn Pringle, will promise you the moon and to dupe you he will promise to give you 50% discount and 90 Days Money Back Guarantee. Once your credit card has been debited you will not hear from them even after repeated requests of yours invoking the MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE. Really speaking, I was foolish to have try them even after having read of their cheating antics at 3 blogs. One set of correspondence runs as below:-

From Shawn Pringle of
Date: Saturday, April 07, 2007 01:09:00 AM
Order ID: 1000552517
Payment Type: Visa
Order Status: Accepted 972427
PR Prowler Unadvertised 1/2 Price Special ($47.00) X 1 = $47.00
Total = $47.00
------------------------------------------ Grand Total = $47.00

From Us: Date: April 08, 2007. I already have Arelis and SEOElite. Out of curiosity and the because of the writeup at your site I thought 'let me try Prpowler too as there is 90 days money-back guarantee'. However, After spending (wastefully) 14 hours on it, I still think that Arelis / IBP is way above the other two. I have decided not to have PRprowler. Would you therefore please refund the $47 as per the agreement? My paypal email is: tarun[[at]] Please reply soonest.

From Us: Date: April 10, 2007. I haven't received any reply to my previous message(please see below). Please let me know if compliance with the MONEY-BACK WITHIN 90 DAYS is going to take place? I have tried the software even for 2 days and am not satisfied with it. Should you want to alter the software to search for sites with submission form only, I may be to help you.

From Us: Date: April 12, 2007. Two days back the message above was sent. I haven't received any reply. I hope your offer of Money Back Guarantee is not a swindle racket. Please do let me know so that I stop myself from reminding you and waste my time.

Highly Recommended.

The IBP/Arelis is World's No.1 in its class and absolute honesty. It is worth every cent. And they give you a fully working trial version unlike Pringle. There are no false promises like the ones by Shawn Pringle /,. I have used this software for over 2 years and can vouch for its top performance. Our site is in Top-1 in Google out of more than 18 million results. This software is decidedly the best and with honest dealings by them you won't be:--
    (a) Be disappointed (b) Be cheated

Incidently, they have more excellent softwares for promoting your web site:-
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Click a link above read what this software is about and buy it; you will receive a bonus of $47 from us if you do buy. Your net saving would be nearly $100 if you add $47 that you save by not being cheated. Good luck and avoid being cheated.